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We deliver modern, secure, and easy to use cloud-based technology that helps you improve business productivity.

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We coach, train and support your organisation to adopt better ways of working using these new technologies.

About KineticUK

KineticUK are specialist providers of Digital Transformation Solutions.

We work with our Clients to help them understand and plan for technology investments, to deliver and use those investments, and to maximise their return on investment through accurate monitoring & reporting.

IT Consultancy
Our Consultancy Services are designed to analyse your current Technology & Business challenges and provide insight and understanding of how Digital Transformation might benefit your business.
Cloud Software
Companies who adopt Cloud-based technology obtain a range of benefits including better security, increased collaboration, improved cashflow and greater employee productivity.
Training & Change
Technology is just the enabler.
In order to maximise success and drive true Digital Transformation, businesses need to understand their staff and encourage them to embrace change.

What Is Digital Transformation?

It's not a trend, a fad or a buzzword. It's an on-going process of reviewing, modifying, and improving how your business achieves its goals by using the power of the Cloud to replace legacy processes and technologies.

How We Can Help

We design and deliver Digital Transformation Projects based on Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

Some of the benefits we provide Business and Technology include:

Cloud Identity
It all starts with Identity. Azure Active Directory means you can provide your employees with a Digital Identity that verifies them and their access to service and content across a wide range of platforms.
Active Directory
Document Storage
SharePoint Online provides a secure and easy to use platform, providing a central location to store all of your business content, whilst maintaining appropriate levels of permissions, access and auditing.
SharePoint Online
Information Protection
Azure Information Protection provides a way for businesses to classify and protect their documents and emails, preventing unauthorised actions such as copying, printing or forwarding to other recipients.
Information Protection
Improved Productivity
Microsoft Teams brings your internal and external teams closer, giving them a way to communicate, share and work together in a secure and reliable way. Mobile access means your staff can be more productive from anywhere.
Microsoft Teams
Secure Sharing
Simple but highly secure sharing means your business can work with external stakeholders, safe in the knowledge that content accessed by authorised users is fully protected. Built-in Auditing & Notifcations protect against suspicious behaviour.
Secure Sharing
Highly Secure
Security in Office 365 is everywhere. From advanced physical measures at the data centre including multiple security check-points, CCTV & Biometrics, to complex technical measures, your organisations data is protected at every touch point.
Secure Platform

Take It For A Test Drive

We can help you get up and running in 30 days.

Using our bespoke Process and Framework approach, we lower the time to value by identifying low-hanging fruit and quick wins, meaning your business can start to deliver improvements right away.

Microsoft Teams


We have a four-step Process that's designed to take your business through a Digital Transformation journey by analysing, planning, implementing and continually improving how you operate.
KineticUK Digital Transformation Process - Assess
The first stage, Assess, focuses on getting to know your business, your employees and your current challenges & obstacles.
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KineticUK Digital Transformation Process - Prepare
The Prepare phase is one of the most important as it requires us to delve deeper into your processes, people and technologies.
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KineticUK Digital Transformation Process - Execute
Using an Agile approach, we will begin implementing Digital Change across your organisation to drive improvements.
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KineticUK Digital Transformation Process - Reinforce
We don't view Reinforce as the 'final stage' in your Digital Transformation journey - it's an on-going and continually improving process.
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Our Digital Transformation Process

KineticUK Digital Transformation Process


We’re all about getting to know you. Your company, your employees, your industry, your processes and the pains/challenges you face.

In the Assess Phase we hold a series of meeting and workshops with your Senior Stakeholders and affected Teams to develop a detailed understanding of your organisation.

We'll utilise Tools and Techniques helping us to form a full, complete picture of your 'As-Is' environment to produce a Digital Transformation Plan that describes the key groups of Users & Scenarios they work in, Technologies we plan to Deploy, Change Management Needs, and Future Roadmap plans.

As part of this stage, we'll create a tailored 30 Day Sprint that can be used in the Prepare phase to get you up and running quickly.


The second stage of our process considers the output from Assess and enables us to delve deeper into understanding your business.

During Prepare, a range of Stakeholders from across your business including Sales, HR, Finance, IT and more will continue to be involved and we'll work to build Sprints that address Key Scenarios - for example, Information Security, Collaboration, Access to Content or Remote Working.

It cannot be over-emphasised just how important this stage is - Digital Transformation projects by their very nature disrupt and affect how an organisation works.

It is vital that a robust Change Management Process and Timeline are identified, tailored and agreed in order to ensure the greatest likelihood of success. As part of Prepare, we will produce and implement Communication Plans that include Emails, explainer Posters and Videos and much more to begin informing users.

Our plans will also include Adoption Tactics, Measurement & Reinforcement Plans and bespoke Training Plans to ensure we provide the best possible experience during Execute.


At this stage we have agreed a starting Sprint including a Project Plan and defined deliverables and milestones, and we will have also discussed our approach for delivery in Execute - Agile MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Our Agile MVP approach is designed to quickly and reliably implement specific, timeboxed (4 Weeks) deployments of Technology complemented with specific User Training.

For example, the first Sprint might be to deploy and train users on Email (Exchange Online) followed by Document & Records Storage (SharePoint Online). Certain technologies such as SharePoint Online can be delivered over multiple Sprints.

The success of Execute will largely be dictated by how well users are trained and adopt the new technologies and ways of working. Our Training Plans, Reinforcement Plans and Adoption Tactics will all play a huge part in creating the desire, excitement and groundswell necessary for success, throughout all levels of the organisation.


Finally, Reinforce is all about driving Adoption by soliciting feedback and responding to end users experiences (good and bad).

You will have discovered through the Process so far that Digital Transformation can be disruptive and peoples current ways of working will be affected, so it's vital they continue to be encouraged and brought along on the journey.

During the Prepare Phase, we will have created & implemented comprehensive Project Plans outlining key activities (Newsletters, Lunch & Learns, Classroom Training) that will be delivered using supporting material to help engage staff and drive adoption right from the outset.

In order to ensure we can correctly track Adoption rates, we will provide a PowerBI Adoption Dashboard that lets us track metrics such as Sign-Ins, Team Conversations and Access from Mobile App. These insights can be used to track our success, but will also drive improved Training & Company Messaging to ensure on-going success.

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